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3 Baking Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

The baking experts from Stork bring you some helpful hints on how to avoid three common baking mistakes even the most seasoned pros make.

Recipes Can Be Tricky – Read Them Properly

Experts recommend that you focus on the grammar used in the recipe. For example, if a cake recipe calls for “1 cup of almonds, chopped”, it means that you measure one cup of almonds, which is then chopped. “One cup of chopped almonds”, however, means a cup measurement of chopped nuts, which is a far bigger portion than one cup of almonds that is chopped after its been measured. Pay attention to the language, structure and grammar of the recipe to ensure you follow the instructions to the letter.

Resist the Temptation – Don’t Open The Oven Door

We all want to see “what’s happening” when baking. But don’t open the oven door before the baked item has started to set. Sweetapolita, author Rosie Alyea says this typically happens at the 20-minute mark for cakes to ensure even and complete cooking. Opening the oven door releases enough hot air to reduce the oven temperature, which can result in an undercooked or unevenly baked cake.

Cold Ingredients = Bad Baking

According to Realsimple.com, bakers should always use room temperature ingredients unless the recipe expressly states otherwise. At room temperature, eggs, butter, and milk bond and form an emulsion that traps air. During the baking process, the air expands, producing fluffy, light, evenly baked goods. Batters made with room temperature ingredients are smooth and evenly incorporated. Cold ingredients don’t incorporate evenly, resulting in hard cookies, dense breads, and lumpy cheesecakes. Batters made with cold ingredients won’t come together smoothly. Are you guilty of making these mistakes? Have we missed any? Tell us and join the conversation on I love Baking SA.

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