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Need a teatime recipe? Try this scrumptious simple yet quick classic scones recipe for a delicious baked treat today. Stork – Love to Bake.

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Baking local, baking fresh!

Stork Bake understands your desire to find the best quality ingredients – the juiciest strawberries, the ripest bananas, the most vibrant figs or the most fragrant naartjies. Be inspired by the taste and colours of fresh South African seasonal ingredients to give your baked goods a local flavour. Local is most definitely lekker! Why not

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The Fresh Side Of Baking

Add a fresh twist to your every day baking with Stork Bake! The best-baked goods begin with fresh ingredients. Using quality ingredients will add a delicious twist to your baked goods. Fresh ingredients provide nutritious value, adds better flavour, and an authentic taste into your baked goods. Eggs add moisture and help your cakes rise.

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Stork Baking Margarine

When you bake with Stork, you want to use only the best ingredients, because they give you the best results. We understand how important it is to bake your best every time, so we created Stork Bake. Full of delicious flavour and designed specifically for baking ensuring the fluffiest cakes, the tastiest scones, and the

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