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A popular, very sweet cake made of egg whites and icing sugar. Usually, it occurs in the form of small white cones. It is a popular addition to desserts. Meringues may be hard and dry or slightly malleable inside depending on the method of preparation.

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World Baking Day 2020

Celebrate World Baking Day right… at home.

Transform your passion into homemade masterpieces. “Today I bake, but first… I need to learn how to bake.” We have set our goal and now we must achieve it, but how do we do it? Before we get to the family enjoying the treats, learn a new skill with them, and get everyone involved, baking

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Moment 1


This Heritage Month, we are revisiting and celebrating the proudest moments in our nation’s history. From awe-inspiring moments entrenched in our South African souls, to the smallest win that fills us with pride. Special moments are not only the ones the whole world gets to see. These are the little-big wins that are shared with

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