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Advice for aspiring bakers

Advice for Aspiring Bakers

Does your current baking repertoire extend to making toast? Are you keen to learn more about baking but are too intimidated to know where to start? Relax! Baking is easier than you think. Yes, there’s a bit of science involved, but isn’t there in all aspects of life? Don’t worry! Your favourite baking brick has got some sage advice from their Stork Bakers (more like Baking Gurus) so that you too can kick off your baking hobby with confidence.

Katelyn Williams – Owner of the Kate Tin

Katelyn is the darling of South African baking. Her innovative but locally relevant creations have made her feeds one of the prettiest and more appetizing “places” on Instagram.

Her advice to aspirant bakers?

“With baking, practice really does make perfect. I’d suggest getting out of your comfort zone, try a new recipe and make it over and over again until you’ve nailed it!”

Saleeha Bamjee – Author and Photographer

This pro-photographer is a passionate foodie and baker with an eye for design.

Her advice to aspirant bakers?

“If you feel lazy to get on with stuff, just preheat your oven. You’ll feel bad about wasting the electricity. Don’t be afraid to substitute ingredients and experiment. If it turns out well, you’ll have created something wonderful. If it flops, you can laugh about it with your friends and be creative with the leftovers.”

Lazy Makoti – Author and Foodie

If you haven’t heard of the beautiful, Lazy Makoti, where have you been? She is sass meets class with a sprinkle of sugar on top.

Her advice to aspirant bakers?

“Read the entire recipe before you begin. Baking is more a science so you want to be sure that you have all the ingredients on hand before you begin.”

Yudhika Sujanani – Chef and Entrepreneur

This all-star foodie powerhouse is a force in the culinary industry. From TV presenting to writing 3 books, Yudhika knows what she’s talking about.

Her advice to aspirant bakers?

“Keep trying and experimenting to develop your own unique bakes. Follow the rules of baking and if there is anything you must own – it has to be a digital scale.”

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