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Top view of baking preparation

How to Measure Ingredients for Baking

When it comes to baking, correctly measuring ingredients is essential! Here are easy tips to help you accurately measure dry ingredients and liquids for the best possible results: Pack Brown Sugar Brown sugar is always packed to press out the pockets of air trapped among the sugar granules. Packing is the standard way brown sugar

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Homemade bread rolls on a wooden tray

Easily Avoidable Mistakes That Ruin Bread Rolls

Imagine sopping up gravy with homemade dinner rolls tonight (think beautiful, buttery golden-brown crust with a soft and fluffy inside). Even if you aren’t well versed with the ins and outs of making bread rolls, all you need to do is avoid these baking mistakes: #1 Avoid using expired yeast Check the ‘use by’ date

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Red velvet cupcakes on a plate

Decadent Desserts to Ring In The New Year

Ringing in the New Year with loved ones and close friends is a special occasion that calls for delicious baked goods and great conversation. Celebrate the New Year with friends, family and great Stork recipes. We’ve put together a list of celebratory recipes that can be made in the comfort of your home: Red Velvet

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Uncommon Christmas food with tree decorations on a table

Uncommon South African Dishes To Make This Christmas

Hello, festive season! The weeks leading up to Christmas is an exciting time for many families. It’s a time of planning, decoration, good cheer and merriment. For the most part, people look forward to the delicious array of baked goods and desserts that deck the table for Christmas lunch. Because Stork loves to bake, we

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Plate with a slice of tasty homemade chocolate cake on the table

Baking Tips to Make Baking More Enjoyable

Who likes to bake but wishes there was a more enjoyable way of doing so? Well, we all have our way of whipping together delicious baked treats, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t welcome some tips on how to make the baking experience a more enjoyable one. With that said, whipping together some delicious baked

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Classic South African Crunchies - biscuits on a tray.

Classic South African Baking Ideas

With great diversity comes all the perks of learning about our various cultures through our differences. Not only are we a country rich in art, language, literature, history and music, but we are also greatly blessed with delicious homegrown recipes and baking ideas originating from our melting pot. Vetkoek, Fat Cakes Or Amagwinya They may

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