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Smore’s Fudge Bars

Back to School Treats

Back to School season marks the beginning of everything new in 2020. A new grade, new stationery and even new friends. Let’s not forget the excitement of break time and lunch boxes, they’re always something to look forward to. Comparing lunches, trading sandwiches… a time where mothers are weighed and measured. What your little one carries inside his or her lunchbox really matters. So… why not make them matter during lunch by adding a little treat to their lunch? 

Try our Smore’s Fudge Bars recipe to help your little one with the transition of being back at school.

Stork Bake guarantees decadent and fluffy baked treats at all times and has been trusted by our bakers for many generations. So add some treats baked with the goodness of Stork Bake to make your child’s first day of school a little more special. Tuck in a treat or two for them to eat and share with a friend – making their first day a bit better with something sweet. 

Because every kid has a sweet tooth, we have yummy treats for them. So, visit our recipes section and pick a worthy “Back to School” treat for him or her. Check them out here:


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  • Lynn

    Love all the recipes and tips, thank you for sharing. Stork Bake is the best in the West.

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