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Why Baking Is Better Than Buying

We all love the taste of a freshly baked cake. There is simply nothing better. And with so many retailers offering their own treats it’s very easy to forfeit the process of baking in favour of more convenient, already baked options. But, this isn’t always wise. Here are 5 reasons that home-baked is better than buying it from the shops from the Stork Bake team.

  1. You’re In Control

    When you bake, you’re in control of the ingredients you use. For example, if you’re looking to make a lower-sugar cake, you can include less or use substitutes. You’re in charge of the type and quantity of fat or Stork bake you use in your recipes. This means you’re in control of the quality and quantity of the ingredients you use to deliver a high-quality cake that tastes the way you want it to.

  1. Say Goodbye to Artificial Flavourants and Preservatives

    Store-bought cakes are often laced with potentially harmful preservatives, stabilisers and other chemicals to maximise its shelf life and offer a more consistent product. Avoid these potential health-risks posed by artificial baking ingredients by making your own.

  1. Hygiene

    While most baker-retailers have hygiene protocols in place, mistakes can happen. When you bake your own cakes, you’re 100% sure of the origin and freshness of the ingredients you use. Furthermore, you’re in control of the hygiene in your kitchen, so you can be assured that the cake has been prepared in clean and sterile conditions with spotless tools.

  1. It Just Tastes Better

    Admit it, homemade just tastes better than the shop-bought stuff, as per the reasons mentioned above. The ingredients are fresh, and unadulterated by chemical preservatives. Which means you don’t get that “too-sweet-plastic” taste that mass-produced cakes are known for.

  1. It’s Good For Your Mental Health

    Baking is a great way to unwind, relax and is a methodical task that has often been likened to meditation. When you bake, you usually do so for others, so most people report feeling a sense of extreme satisfaction and well being after having completed their baked creation.

So what are you waiting for? Skips the nasty store-bought cakes and explore some of South Africa’s best loved cake recipes with the Stork Bake team.

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