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Baking local, baking fresh!

Stork Bake understands your desire to find the best quality ingredients – the juiciest strawberries, the ripest bananas, the most vibrant figs or the most fragrant naartjies. Be inspired by the taste and colours of fresh South African seasonal ingredients to give your baked goods a local flavour. Local is most definitely lekker!

Why not visit your nearest farmers’ market and add those gorgeous fruits and vegetables to your next bake? As you browse through the selection on offer think of all the possible flavour combinations that can make your baked goods truly Mmmzansi.

Local fruit and vegetables are flavour and nutrient dense, infusing your baked goods with a more authentic taste and enhancing the quality. Add a bit of extra flair, with your own version of fresh fig jam dolloped onto scones or make a delicious prickly pear tart!

We’ve got a world of Bakespiration at hand! Get your Stork Margarine and start adding your own South African flair to your favourite traditional recipes. Here are some suggestions to impress your guests:

Rooibos – Amasi Rooibos Cupcakes

Naartjie – Naartjie and Vanilla Cupcakes

Figs – Earl Grey Cake with Mascarpone & Honey Frosting.

Bananas – Banana bread


Looking for inspiration for your next bake? Think fresh and be inspired by your local ingredients, use Stork Bake!

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