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Baking made easy

Ready to bake… Got all your baking ingredients, spatula, trays, sieve and more? Before you get started, here are some tips that only experience can teach you. Important to keep in mind what could be wrong, so we can avoid bad results with good habits. 

Tips that could be the difference between yay or nay. 

  • Your cake can’t rise if you: forget to add baking powder, use the wrong temperature or take your cake out before time.
  • Always set a reminder and keep an eye on the oven temperature, if it’s too high the cake could stick to the tin 
  • Temperature too high means a burnt cake.
  • A must-have item: a baking skewer to check for a gooey centre
  • Got your creamed butter and sugar ready… Add some weighed flour before the eggs to avoid your cake splitting. 
  • Stir JUST enough, making sure the ingredients become one. Make sure not to stir too much and avoid your cake being dry when it comes out the oven
  • This will be hard because you’re excited… Avoid opening your oven too often before the cake sets – your centre may sink.

Keep these Pro-tips in mind, have your Stork Bake brick near and get ready to bake your best. 

Remember, we’ve got some amazing recipes you could try out here to apply your newly gained knowledge. They range from easy peasy, to totally doable and kinda challenging, they 100% local too because we love Mmmzansi!


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