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Baking trends for 2020

Adding flavour to the new year are these baking trends that are going to take this year and the beginning of the decade by storm. Some are bold, some are brilliant, and some are plain baffling – one thing is for sure though, these trends will certainly leave their mark on the world of food.

Plant-based products

Plant-based ingredients are sweeping through our kitchens, but it doesn’t just apply to traditional recipes. People are looking more to entirely plant-based recipes – substituting animal-based products such as milk and butter for entirely animal-free products such as oat and almond milks and vegetable fat spreads.

Multi-sonsory recipes

Playing with different sensory experiences such as mixing cold and hot in one plate or offering a scent to accompany your meal and even making food appear to be something other than what it is is a big trend cued for this foodie year.

Botanical and herbal essential oils

Floral and herbal extracts are a distilled concentrated blast of flavour that comes from plants and flowers. These extracts are used to pack a serious punch into cooking and baking recipes. They can also be used to influence the multi-sensory experience as atomised sprays to add depth to your eating experience.

Edible packaging and flatware

Planet conscious consumers are looking for great products that do not harm the earth. When it comes to serving cakes, sandwiches, pies and desserts as a takeaway – edible packaging is where it’s at. From seaweed-based sandwich wrappers to spoons and sporks made from nontraditional biscuit recipes – new trends in serve wear are making an appearance

Customisation and personalisation

From flower stencilled bread to individual dimension cakes, this year it’s all about customisation on a micro-scale. The trend targets particular flavour, size and detail preferences for consumers, leaving them with a feeling of individuality like never before.


This may seem age-old, but innovations in the food market mean that this concept is taking a whole new shape. Subscriptions to foods such as bread, for example, will make our everyday staples not only more interesting but also much more convenient.

Harnessing these 2020 trends will be the key to keeping relevant and impressing the masses. Or perhaps the key to trying all the emerging trends before any of your foodie friends.

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