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How to become a better baker

How to become a better baker

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5 Ways To Become A Better Baker Overnight

Becoming a good baker is not easy. It usually involves a few flops and lessons learnt around the oven. But there are some granny-approved tips and tricks that you could memorise to become a better baker. This means you’ll spend less time fixing a flop and more time enjoying amazing treats with your loved ones.

Baking Tip #1: Make sure everything is at room temperature

We know, we know, eggs are usually kept in the fridge. So, if you’re a bit of a novice, it’s easy to toss your ice-cold eggs into the mix. Don’t. If your eggs are chilled, pour some lukewarm water in a container and let the eggs sit there until they’re no long cold  to the touch when you (gently) wrap your hands around them. Room temperate eggs aerate better and make fluffier and lighter baked goodies than cold eggs. The same goes for milk and fats.

Baking Tip #2: Use the right fats

Not all margarine spreads are created equal. We recommend using Stork Bake because it is specifically designed for baking. We love it because it creams and whips beautifully for the fluffiest bakes in the land.

Baking Tip #3: Weigh ingredients

Baking is science, and science is all about accuracy. So why would you “eyeball” a cup of flour when you should be measuring out your ingredients? The exact measured amounts specified in the recipe deliver the best results. So invest in a kitchen scale and get measuring. Your confidence levels will soar.

Baking Tip #4 Make sure ingredients are fresh – even the bicarb

Most products associated with baking like flour, yeast, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda have a short shelf life. So if we stick to the line of though that baking is a science, we have to make sure the ingredients of our science experiment are fresh; otherwise the active ingredients won’t perform as expected. So if you’re not a regular baker, check those expiry dates and chuck the old stuff in the bin.

Baking Tip #5 Use Salt

Even if the recipe doesn’t call for it, always add a pinch of salt. Salt contrasts well with sugar and acid, and makes flavours stand out and sing. Salt is the easiest way to add dimension to your flavour profile – just don’t over-do it!

In the words of our beloved Suzelle, THERE’S IT. Five easy tips to take your baking from apprentice to expert, overnight.

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