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Heritage Bake Book

Warm things up with the Stork Heritage Bake Book

The weather isn’t cooperating anymore, the cold is slowly creeping in and taking over from the warm climate of seasons past. The beautiful mornings with the sun shining through your windows, filled with plenty of outdoor fun are being replaced by misty window panes, cups of hot chocolate and blankets. We need some baked comfort

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Basic ingredients and tools for baking

Baking basics – 5 videos to help you

As world baking day approaches, people of all skill levels are getting ready to show the thing they have in common – a love for baking! If you are getting into the baking basics from the comfort of your home, what better away to learn than with an instructional video. So without further ado, here

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World Baking Day 2020

Celebrate World Baking Day right… at home.

Transform your passion into homemade masterpieces. “Today I bake, but first… I need to learn how to bake.” We have set our goal and now we must achieve it, but how do we do it? Before we get to the family enjoying the treats, learn a new skill with them, and get everyone involved, baking

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Terms & Conditions: Stork World Baking Day May 2020

08 May 2020 TO 24 May 2020 (The “Competition”) TERMS AND CONDITIONS The promoter is Siqalo Foods (Pty) Ltd and Gorilla Creative Media (Pty) Ltd (“the Promoter”). Any persons entering or participating in this Competition (“Participant”) accept and agree that by entering this Competition they have had an opportunity to read and consider these Terms

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Happy family, including parents and kids, enjoying lockdown baking at home

Make the Lockdown a Little Sweeter at Home

You may not be able to leave your home to spend time with all your loved ones during the lockdown, but that does not mean life needs to be dull. You can still bring sweet celebrations and fun into your home. Here are some genius ways that you can keep the good times rolling during

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Easter At Home 1

Make the most of Easter

Easter at home? No problem, that just means more time with the family baking yummy treats. If you didn’t know, Easter is all about a fresh new start, turning a new page and moving in a new direction. That’s why the Easter season is synonymous with eggs, as they represent new life and new beginnings.

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