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TV Shows to become a better baker

It’s not often that you get a legitimate excuse to watch TV. But when you need a bit of ‘bakespiration’, there is no better place to start. So the Stork Bake team of deliciousness has gone on the hunt for the best baking shows you can watch on TV or online. The Great British Bake

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Meet our Stork Bake grand prize winner

We baked up a storm for World Baking Day this year! Challenging South Africans to Bake Off against each other. Bakers whipped up their Mmmnandi creations to collaborate with one of our Stork Bakers and win a Kenwood Titanium Mega Pack. Go check out their amazing range of kitchen machines and products. Our Stork Bakers

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Tips for the Perfect Sponge Cake

Aaaah, sponge cakes: so delicious and yet so deceptive when it comes to how difficult they really are to perfect. Well, the Stork team has come to your rescue with 5 handy tips on how to make your sponge cake superb. Tip 1: Measure Your Ingredients Accurately The key to a soft and fluffy sponge

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The Science of Baking

Good bakers are sometimes better scientists than they are chefs. Because unlike a cooking recipe that you can adjust as you go along, good baking relies on an innate understanding of how ingredients work together to create the desired result. If you’re cooking a stew, you can fiddle with the salt and pepper as it

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Advice for aspiring bakers

Advice for Aspiring Bakers Does your current baking repertoire extend to making toast? Are you keen to learn more about baking but are too intimidated to know where to start? Relax! Baking is easier than you think. Yes, there’s a bit of science involved, but isn’t there in all aspects of life? Don’t worry! Your

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The Benefits Of Baking For Others

The Benefits Of Baking For Others   We all know baking makes you feel great. But did you know that baking for others can provide a whole host of emotional benefits you’ve probably never considered? According to Boston University’s associate professor of psychological and brain sciences, Donna Pincus, “Baking has the benefit of allowing people

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How to become a better baker

How to become a better baker We recommend: Use Stork Bake for the fluffiest cakes. 5 Ways To Become A Better Baker Overnight Becoming a good baker is not easy. It usually involves a few flops and lessons learnt around the oven. But there are some granny-approved tips and tricks that you could memorise to

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Battle of the breads

Battle of the Breads To be or not to be … that used to be the question. Nowadays it’s gluten-free or not to be. Here are some quick facts to help inform you on the great gluten debate. If you don’t know what gluten is, where have you been? It’s only been at the forefront

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fathers day blog

Find your bakespiration and treat Dad this Father’s Day

Prove once and for all that you’re the favourite child…  Whether you call him “Pa”, “Baba”, “Ballie” or “Old Man”, dads bring a lot of flavour to our lives with their love for adventure and delicious treats. With Father’s Day being around the corner, we hope you’re already planning the day’s celebrations. After all, he

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