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Holiday times need holiday treats

And just like that, the first term is over and the kids are back in the house running around. You have a lot to think about and consider as you try to keep them busy, happy and smiling during their school break. After all their hard work and great marks in school why not reward

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little girl and mom baking cupcakes

Simple baking hacks for busy moms

Mums know all too well the pressure of making sure your little one has everything you can give them. Healthy school lunches and stimulating activities take time and energy to get ready, not to mention events and birthdays to prepare for too. So, in honour of those parents who sometimes need a break, we have

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Wrapped in love

Wrapped up in love

The perfect way to wrap your valentine’s baked goods for your loved one. Nothing sounds better than ‘I love you’ from your loved ones and nothing tastes sweeter than few baked goodies this Valentine’s Day. So let’s get baking with our Champagne Donuts and then figure out how we’re going to wrap up the oven

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2020 writen in flour on blue counter underlined with a rolling pin

Baking trends for 2020

Adding flavour to the new year are these baking trends that are going to take this year and the beginning of the decade by storm. Some are bold, some are brilliant, and some are plain baffling – one thing is for sure though, these trends will certainly leave their mark on the world of food.

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Smore’s Fudge Bars

Back to School Treats

Back to School season marks the beginning of everything new in 2020. A new grade, new stationery and even new friends. Let’s not forget the excitement of break time and lunch boxes, they’re always something to look forward to. Comparing lunches, trading sandwiches… a time where mothers are weighed and measured. What your little one

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christmas cookies and icing

Alternative Christmas Baking Ideas

Most people can already guess what’s going to be on their plates this Christmas: braaied meat with plenty of salads, and trifle or pudding for dessert. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the script, but if you’re looking for Christmas recipes with a twist, you’ve come to the right place. Naartjie and Cinnamon Christmas Cookie

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Cookie Bakes

Festive Cookie Bakes

Share your Sugar Cookies recipe with a festive twist and get featured on our recipe book. It’s that time of the year again where we get to be jolly and the whole family is gathered under one roof. What’s a festive season without the best Cookies to treat your loved ones? Add Stork Bake to

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Festive blog header

Festive Moments

Share your festive moments with Stork Bake and stand a chance to WIN! The festive season is all about spending time with the people who matter most, enjoying great food and creating even greater memories. With our loved ones at the centre of the festive season…why not spend more time with them? And what better

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baked cheesecake

Baked Goods From Around The World

The star bakers from Stork have gone around the world to bring you more bake inspiration. From Malawi to Paraguay, we’ve got some really exciting new ideas for you to try out this festive season. Dulce de Leche Cheesecake from Paraguay “Dulce de Leche” means candy milk or caramel in Spanish. It’s made by slowly

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