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How to give your baked goods a Halloween twist

It’s that time of the year where Halloween is creeping up on us, and spooky parties are in full swing. Here are two spine-chilling Stork Bake tips for the perfect nightmarish party! Set the scene: Make sure your party creates an eerie atmosphere with props like toy spiders and paper ghosts. Use dim lighting, with

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The Fresh Side Of Baking

Add a fresh twist to your every day baking with Stork Bake! The best-baked goods begin with fresh ingredients. Using quality ingredients will add a delicious twist to your baked goods. Fresh ingredients provide nutritious value, adds better flavour, and an authentic taste into your baked goods. Eggs add moisture and help your cakes rise.

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A Valentine’s Gift

Show your loved one that you took the time and effort to express your love through the gift of baking. We have so many great cookie recipes, from Chocolate Chip; to Sweetheart Cookies; and even Cinnamon Cookies, you are sure to find one that they love. Bake your special person’s favourite cookies, allow them to

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Baking for Occasions

Families come together during special occasions, and what better way to celebrate than with something baked from the heart. No matter what occasion you are celebrating it can always be improved with the addition of delicious baked goods. Whether you are a seasoned baker or simply starting off, we have all the baking recipes you

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Be A Bread Baking Expert

From kneading, to rising, to baking, here are some tips that will help make bread baking easy. Bread! Rolls! Baguettes! Stork wants you to bake your own bread this Homemade Bread Day because everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread. From kneading, to rising, to baking, here are some tips that will help make

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