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World Baking Day 2020

Celebrate World Baking Day right… at home.

Transform your passion into homemade masterpieces. “Today I bake, but first… I need to learn how to bake.” We have set our goal and now we must achieve it, but how do we do it? Before we get to the family enjoying the treats, learn a new skill with them, and get everyone involved, baking in the kitchen. World Baking Day is upon us and Stork Bake wants to inspire you to take the first steps towards getting your baking credentials.

A great place to start your baking journey is with our Stork Bake Masterclasses. We have looked at all the skills you might need to get started and provided the perfect courses into the world of baking. These techniques will be a strong foundation for you to have fun in the kitchen baking with Stork Bake and the family.

Stork Bake Masterclasses

Whisking – helps to create delicious fluffy treats in the oven, it gives your cake the perfect rise. Practice your new technique with our Lemon Meringue cake recipe; look for the perfect peaks and enjoy!

Mixing – Adding Stork Bake to flour is easy. You can take a little more time by cutting it into tiny little pieces, it will make all the difference. The results will be amazing, just try our Scones recipe to see how they turn out.

Don’t just stop there… Check out the rest of our masterclasses, because your baking journey has just begun.

Recipe Time

Now… It’s time to fire up that oven and bake! Try our easy peasy recipes, like our Butterscotch biscuits, it’s a great introduction to the baking world.

The next level would be something totally doable like a Fruit Cake, and you will have a lot of fun adding different flavours. It’s delicious fun, try it here.

Are you feeling up to trying something kinda challenging? Pick up your spatula and let’s bake. Marble Bundt Cake is a classic, it takes your skills from bake sale to high tea, and is sure to be a family crowd pleaser.

With so much time at home, gain a new skill and celebrate World Baking day with a decadent treat for the family. Share your accomplished baking skills with Stork Bake and visit our social pages for more recipes and inspiration.

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  • Michelle Jurams

    I always loved baking with Stork bake. Ironically I was browsing to find the sponge cake recipe and came across the latest competition. So now I am even more inspired 😊

  • Leonie Spalding

    Good day I’ve been baking with stork for the past 28 year’s. Its perfect for. Salt free baking. Stork still the best.

  • Penelope jelliman

    Baking at home for bakers day in May 20

  • Delaine

    Love this
    Thank you for the awesome tips

  • Amirah Esau

    I only buy stork butter in my home, no other butter, taste is creamy and tasteful not oily.

  • Mrs D Thompson

    Wow awesome time baking for my family during lockdown.i only use stork margarine

  • Vanessa

    Want to enter competition

  • Anita

    I love baking, stork is the only margarine I use. My mom was the best Baker she used stork as well.

  • Jacqueline

    I bake biscuits and an amazing chocolate cake and any other cake…you name it only with stork margarine.
    I use Stork aswell to make my rotis. Making my white sauce for my mac n cheese tastes better with stork

  • Hlophego Mohosana

    I’m passionate about baking and I do best at it this Competition would give me opportunity to know more about Baking

  • Onezwa Ngqeleni

    Stock is the best for baking

  • Onezwa Ngqeleni

    Stock is the best for baking even for desserts


    Thank you,appreciate all the tips

  • sindiswa khambule

    kindly send more recipes for free. Thank you

    • Stork Baker

      All our recipes are free on our website.

  • Ann Pietersen

    Love storm recipes

  • Fatima

    This is awesome i love your master class so many valuable tips

  • Cecile

    Where / How do we subscribe to enter the course.

  • Margretha Martin

    I always use stork. Never anything else. My momwas a star baker also used Stork for baking .

  • Shenaz Beg


  • Betty Burger

    Going to try all your recepies..love stork margarine!

  • Khatija

    Why is stork bake not available at any of the makro stores

  • Cecilia Brooks

    After reading all the comments, I’m going to buy Stork today, for baking and icing, thank you STORK!😀

  • Adriaan Geldenhuys

    Love to lay my hands on your resipebooks sa I lost mine in a storage warehouse

  • Lauren Friedman zibbles@iafrica.com

    Looks awesome x

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