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How to give your baked goods a Halloween twist

It’s that time of the year where Halloween is creeping up on us, and spooky parties are in full swing. Here are two spine-chilling Stork Bake tips for the perfect nightmarish party!

Set the scene:

Make sure your party creates an eerie atmosphere with props like toy spiders and paper ghosts. Use dim lighting, with DIY lanterns and fairy lights. Get your hands on some dry ice or smoke machines to really emphasise the hair-raising experience.

The food:

The snacks you serve will only add to the unearthly experience, here are a few of our favourite party recipes with a Halloween twist:

Gingerbread Cookies:

Take our delicious spiced Gingerbread Cookie recipe and swap the gingerbread cookie cutter for a Halloween themed shapes like pumpkins; ghosts; skulls! These can be your “welcome cookies”  for your guests.

Watercolour Drip Cake

Our Watercolour Drip Cake can be used to create a scary centrepiece. Switch the colour of the icing to a shade a little more Halloween appropriate and it will be a showstopper.

Witch Hat Cupcakes

Even a treat can be scary, create an unnerving witch-hat with our Caramel Cupcakes! Add black ice-cream cones over the icing and detail it with your favourite candy!

Halloween Blackberry Tortes

Make your Blackberry Tortes with a grim Halloween twist, drizzle extra red chocolate sauce for a gory effect.

Eye gawking cake pops

Challenge your guests to an “outstaring” competition by modifying our Cake Pop into spooky eyeballs.

With these top tips, your Halloween party will be unparalleled!

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