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Hertzoggies just for you, mom

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to try new baking recipes! You’ve watched mom make delicious treats over the years and the smell of freshly baked goods reminds you of her. What better way to share the love than by spoiling her with something delicious from you and Stork Baking Margarine.

There is no way to ever say thank you enough for all the things your mom has done for you! Bake something from the heart and enjoy it together. Try our decadent Hertzoggie Cake recipe, baked by the wonderful Kate Tin It’s sure to make mom smile.

Thanks mom, for your unconditional love, patience and kindness.

This day is all about you – sit back and enjoy this treat, baked with love.

Did you know? Once upon a time General Hertzog, who was South Africa’s Prime Minister, was recorded saying his favourite tea time treat was Jam and Coconut Tarts. As time went on the name for Jam & Coconut Tarts changed to Hertzoggies in honour of him.

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