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Holiday times need holiday treats

And just like that, the first term is over and the kids are back in the house running around. You have a lot to think about and consider as you try to keep them busy, happy and smiling during their school break. After all their hard work and great marks in school why not reward them with a fun afternoon of family time in the kitchen. 

Here’s an idea… delicious baked treats will always make holidays a bit sweeter. So let’s get Grandma’s recipe book off the shelf… or try some Stork inspired Milk Tart Pancakes. Pancakes are always a crowd pleaser that are easy to make and with this “mmmzansi twist”, they will keep the kids paying attention and counting down the minutes before they can tuck in. Stack them up high and add the milk tart-filling in between the pancake layers creating a unique cake. Serve up these slices of deliciousness sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar… flippin’ lekker! 

Remember, you only have the kids for 10 days before they return to school. Make it a holiday to remember… make it sweet and delicious with Stork Bake.

Stork Bake Milk Tart Pancake

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