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How to Measure Ingredients for Baking

When it comes to baking, correctly measuring ingredients is essential! Here are easy tips to help you accurately measure dry ingredients and liquids for the best possible results:

Pack Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is always packed to press out the pockets of air trapped among the sugar granules. Packing is the standard way brown sugar is measured in recipes. To pack brown sugar, you scoop it into your measuring cup with a spoon. Then gently press down with the back of the spoon until the sugar is compact. Repeat until the measuring cup is full. 

Packing brown sugar ensures that your measurements are consistent in all of your baking. Even if the recipe doesn’t specify that the brown sugar be packed, we still recommend it.

Viewing liquid measurements requires technique

To get an accurate reading, place the measuring cylinder on a flat surface and view the liquid’s height with your eyes directly level with the liquid.

Stock up on nonstick cooking spray

Coat your measuring cups with nonstick cooking spray before pouring sticky substances such as honey, caramel or maple syrup. The nonstick cooking spray will help the substances slide out with ease.

Invest in a digital scale

Baking requires precise measurements. We often rely on traditional measuring cups to do the job, but measuring by volume alone can produce varying results. Instead of depending on measuring cups, opt for a digital scale to get the most accurate reading.

Don’t tilt utensils when measuring liquids

Using a measuring cup can lead to easily avoidable errors, so always set it on a flat surface for the most accurate reading.

Don’t scoop flour with a measuring cup

Avoid relying on a measuring cup to scoop out the flour. We recommend that you use a spoon to fill the cup and then level it off.

Now that you’re a measuring champion, preheat your oven and get baking! If you’re looking to impress family & friends with your baking prowess, explore Stork’s baking recipes for inspiration. Where there is a whisk, there is a way! Have fun making and baking with Stork.

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