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Happy family, including parents and kids, enjoying lockdown baking at home

Make the Lockdown a Little Sweeter at Home

You may not be able to leave your home to spend time with all your loved ones during the lockdown, but that does not mean life needs to be dull. You can still bring sweet celebrations and fun into your home. Here are some genius ways that you can keep the good times rolling during the lockdown – and on a budget too:

Have a video party

Whether you are having an intimate meal or baking up a storm in tandem, there is no reason to be alone during this time. Set up a family video call and enjoy the company of your loved ones no matter where on the planet they are. Maybe this year granny will finally share that secret recipe with you.

Don’t stop the traditions  

From the obligatory Sunday roast with all the trimmings to the mountainous haul of delicious homemade scones, nothing helps you to feel upbeat quite like good old-fashioned traditions.

Get into the groove

Music sets the tone for any situation, so what better time to set the scene than a lockdown? You can opt for a pre-made playlist all ready and rearing, or you can put together a playlist that consists of all your favourites. Put on those tunes to set the scene for the sweet times to come.

Keep the kids learning

With schools closed and kids cooped up inside, boredom has no doubt set in, and you are probably feeling the effects too. Keep your kids entertained with baking activities galore. Make beautifully iced cupcakes and get the kids involved or throw together a quick tray of moreish brownies for extra brownie points. It’s a bonus that cooking and baking are learning opportunities for your little ones. Gear your tasks to develop abilities like fine and large motor skills, creativity and critical thinking.

Bake some treats

Since it’s a risk to pop out to the shops whenever you need a loaf of bread or a delicious treat – bring the job inhouse. Try making baked goods at home – it’s super rewarding. For example, put a spin on your favourite sugar biscuit recipe by topping them off with royal icing. Tint your icing with bright colours for extra oomph.

These lockdown tips are not only loaded with fun, but they are easy to achieve on a budget or with the things you already have around the house. Enjoy the sweeter things in life with these and more delicious baking ideas for any occasion – making memories to look back on.

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