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Simple baking hacks for busy moms

Mums know all too well the pressure of making sure your little one has everything you can give them. Healthy school lunches and stimulating activities take time and energy to get ready, not to mention events and birthdays to prepare for too. So, in honour of those parents who sometimes need a break, we have put together a list of baking hacks – to take the stress out of being a busy parent. So, you can enjoy these special moments creating fond memories without stress. 

Cake pops

These cake pops can rescue you in the instance of a flop or if you feel like trying something different. Sometimes a cake just doesn’t work out and that’s okay – it’s not the end for you. You can use a flopped cake to make these awesome cake pops, and even the most competent of eaters will be none the wiser. 

No eggs? No problem

So you’ve had a hectic day getting  the ingredients to bake a cake for your little one to take to the bake sale tomorrow. Then you suddenly realise you don’t have any eggs. No stress, this eggless chocolate cake will save the day, and it tastes just as good as any other chocolate cake. It’s an added bonus that it’s totally edible for people who have plant-based diets. Top it with luscious chocolate icing or to keep it vegan opt for a simple glace icing. Done and dusted or should we say done and iced.  

DIY icing

When your kids want to get involved in helping you bake, something simple and endlessly entertaining is icing. Set a station with icings in multiple colours and a variety of toppings and let your kids go wild. They  will enjoy being involved in the process, and they will love tasting the icing and the finished product even more. Icing is a task that is fairly simple for kids of virtually all ages, although the younger they are, the more help they will need. Why buy icing when you can make your own. 

Running short on time

If you have no time to turn out something for your kid to share with the class or put on the party table then don’t worry, there is hope. These biscuit fudge wedges are simple and delicious. Everyone will love them, and they take virtually no time.

A classic cupcake with showstopping icing

If you have the time, these showstopping cupcakes will win you plenty of “brownie” points with your kids. They are stunning and take a little extra time, no real creative power necessary. The seaside theme is educational and bright so your kids will absolutely love them. Topped with blue icing, jelly tots and sour worms, our sea life cupcakes are special memories waiting to happen. 

So, you didn’t get to make your favourite unsalted butter biscuits or scone recipes to wow the crowds don’t worry these hacks will help you to make new favourites in your household. 

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