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Wrapped in love

Wrapped up in love

The perfect way to wrap your valentine’s baked goods for your loved one.

Nothing sounds better than ‘I love you’ from your loved ones and nothing tastes sweeter than few baked goodies this Valentine’s Day. So let’s get baking with our Champagne Donuts and then figure out how we’re going to wrap up the oven treats, as they need a special touch. 

Parchment paper is simple, effective and available at a range of stores with seasonal designs during any month of the year. It’s the best option to wrap baked goodies and will be essential for our delectable Champagne Donuts for Valentines.  

Fresh out the oven is the best way to enjoy baked treats, but our loved ones aren’t always near and we need to transport our baked goodies. We will need a few odd bits to seal the deal, like: 

  • tins, bags or boxes (old peanut butter jars or hot choc tins)
  • ribbon, baker’s twine or string (always great to have in the house)
  • fresh or faux greenery (some green always gives a fresh look)
  • gift tags (for the love note)

We have created these cool downloadable cardboard cutouts for you to use and seal the donuts. Easy to use, they’re just waiting for your baked goodness made with Stork Bake. Click here to download. You can also use parchment paper with some of the items we mentioned above to help you with your wrapping.

These quick re-usable items can help you make your baked treats look extra amazing, check out these beautiful pins for inspiration: https://bit.ly/38zu50V



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