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Meet our Stork Bake grand prize winner

We baked up a storm for World Baking Day this year! Challenging South Africans to Bake Off against each other. Bakers whipped up their Mmmnandi creations to collaborate with one of our Stork Bakers and win a Kenwood Titanium Mega Pack. Go check out their amazing range of kitchen machines and products.

Our Stork Bakers mentored and guided the winners from each round, to refine their skills and create their ultimate Mmmzansi goodies. Our community of bakers voted on Facebook and Instagram and chose Landi Govender as the grand prize winner! 

Guided by Kate Tin, Landi Govender created her version of Peppermint Crisp Tart Charlotte Cake. Landi says the unique cake recipe was inspired by her obsession with French desserts and her favourite South African dessert, peppermint crisp tart. Why not try it for yourself? Find the recipe here.

process 2

process 1

process 3

Keep celebrating our local flavours with this tip from Landi, “When measuring flour use the spoon and level method. This means you should use a spoon to fill the measuring cup and level it off. Scooping flour packs the ingredient down so you could easily be using more flour that your recipe required which will lead to drier baked goods.”

Happy Baking!

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