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Katelyn Williams

The Kate Tin


Katelyn Williams is obsessed with baking. The Kate Tin is a baking blog dedicated to recipes, desserts, treats and all things decadent and indulgent.

When did you realise your love for baking?

"I was given a set of measuring cups and spoons for Christmas when I was about 6 -the first time I used them, I was hooked! When my mom wasn’t able to bake with me, I would whip up the most delicious cake in the garden using mud and flowers!"

Kate’s advice to aspiring bakers:

"With baking, practice really does make perfect. I’d suggest getting out of your comfort zone, try a new recipe and make it over and over again until you’ve nailed it!"

Saaleha Bamjee


Saaleha Bamjee has been an active influencer in food industry for many years. Her food blog (link: Ice cream Everyday) is just one of her impressive passions!

When did you realise your love for baking?

"I've always been into the eating of baking ;) But it was probably when I was in my mid-teens that I would try doing it for myself. I remember baking a cake from a recipe I found in a loyalty club magazine. It felt like such an achievement cutting into a slice of that cake. It called for three grated bars of chocolate in the batter and it was magic."

Saaleha's advice to aspiring bakers:

"If you feel lazy to get on with stuff, just preheat your oven. You'll feel bad about wasting the electricity. Don't be afraid to substitute ingredients and experiment. If it turns out well, you'll have created something wonderful. If it flops, you can laugh about it with your friends and be creative with the leftovers."

Baking Ginger


Baking Ginger is crazy about baking and has a talent for photography. She loves pairing different ingredients and creating amazing desserts.

When did you realise your love for baking?

"My love for baking started incredibly young. I would spend hours and hours in the kitchen with my mom whipping up her legendary chocolate cake and inventing sweet creations for absolutely no reason other than the sheer joy of baking!"

Baking Ginger's advice to aspiring bakers:

"Baking is one part science, one part passion and a spoonful of imagination"

Lentswe Bhengu


Lentswe Bhengu comes from a financial background and found his passion for food.

When did you realise your love for baking?

"The first time I made my my first Malva pudding. I not only fell inlove with South Africa's favourite pudding, I also realised how it was to make."

Lentswe’s advice to aspiring bakers:

"Baking is one part science, one part passion and a spoonful of imagination"

Lazy Makoti


Lazy Makoti has a great love and passion for food but in particular South African food. She loves to infuse typically South African flavours in her food and bakes, like rooibos, Amarula fruit etc

When did you realise your love for baking?

“My mom is a great baker, I have such fond memories of waking up to the smell of banana bread or cinnamon scones every weekend. No, seriously, every weekend. There were always containers filled with ginger biscuits that we gave to visiting guests as padkos after a visit. That’s how I was ‘influenced’ to love baking lol. My mom still bakes just as much!"

Lazy's advice to aspiring bakers:

“Read the entire recipe before you begin. Baking is more a science so you want to be sure that you have all the ingredients on hand before you begin.”

“Practice really does make perfect.”



Yudhika has a love for crafting and creating. Her grandmother was her creative mentor, she inspired her hugely and taught her how to draw inspiration from the most ordinary places.

When did you realise your love for baking?

“I was really young and I remember asking lots of questions. My mom had a special cupboard where she kept her baking treasures like cake tins and food coloring. My mom trained as a chef and I started working at a hotel kitchen after school at just 15. She didn’t enjoy baking as much as I did. I often stepped in and found opportunities to learn new recipes, techniques and also the do’s and dont’s which is so important when baking.”

Lazy's advice to aspiring bakers:

“Keep trying and experimenting to develop your own unique bakes. Follow the rules of baking and if there is anything you must own - it has to be a digital scale.”

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